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Episode 7 - MAOi & Meperidine: The Protocols of the Elders of Libby Zion

Episode 7 - MAOi & Meperidine: The Protocols of the Elders of Libby Zion

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Sigmund leads today on the unfortunate death of Libby Zion - a famous case that most docs and many people in healthcare have at least heard of - and how it eventually led to changes in physician residency training. work responsibilities limited to 24 consecutive hours (with caveats1), 80hrs/week (with caveats2), and a mandatory 10 hours rest period in between clinical duties, among other things; while this is progress from the more horrific exploits of residency prior to these changes - 120 hour weeks, q3day 36hr in-house call - we have to ask: how far have we really come? many residents still routinely lie about their duty hours. mental health continues to deteriorate for residents and even beyond residency; attending doctors face ever-escalating production pressures (employers increasing the relative rate of surplus value), documentation burden merely for billing purposes, and cost-saving mechanisms stemming from the 1980s neoliberal political turn and the managed care regime. the questions we all need to start asking are: how do we get closer to making a lasting, positive transformation in how young doctors train? and how will that set us up for a future of meaningful labor - and importantly - on our own terms?


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M&M - Marx & Medicine
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