Oct 20, 2021 • 1HR 4M

Episode 9 - Moralism & Moratoriums: The Real Estate State

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in an episode some would already dub an M&M “classic” (although some commenters classify ALL M&M episodes as “classics”), Sigmund leads us through an analysis of homelessness and the rampant moralizations surrounding it, the housing ‘crisis,’ and beyond. we also throw in the large wrench that is the pandemic, investigate the breadth of the CDC eviction moratorium, and critique what gives rise to these truly dire conditions of housing in the United States in the first place - a ghostly remnant & modernized update of feudal society, existing within a free market system of distribution, where ownership of land and housing is favored toward those with pre-existing wealth, and is used to further extract wealth from non-owners of land and housing. shelter should not be a commodity. (part 2 coming soon.)

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45:00 the box by roddy ricch (?? honestly id never heard this song before)

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