Jun 15, 2021 • 52M

Episode 6.5 - Academic Half-Day #2, part 2: The Public Payers of Healthcare

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oh happy day (oh happy day)! it’s finally nice out and you know what that means. yes friends, part 2 of academic half-day #2 is here. we discuss the payers of healthcare, specifically the public sector payers. Medicare, Medicaid, the Indian Health Service, CHIP, the VA.. there’s actually quite a large number of public payers within the United States healthcare system. but that’s not inherently a good or bad thing; there is no essentialist character to what government is or isn’t, can or can’t be. we can make the public sector efficient and actually serve the people if we construct and fund it correctly. and considering the astronomical administrative burden, means-testing mechanism, and increased costs stemming from the fractured nature of our current healthcare payment scheme - which is a BIGTIME dissatisfier - we can easily do better than this busted ass system.

[part 3 coming soon where we discuss the private payers of healthcare, i.e. the private health insurance industry & consumer-driven healthcare, as well as make concrete comparisons of our healthcare system to other countries.]


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