Jun 4, 2021

Episode 6 - Academic Half-Day #2: Buyers & Payers / Who "Finances" Healthcare?

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M&M - Marx & Medicine
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welcome back friends! it’s session #2 of our Academic Half-Day series, and today we’re continuing our exploration of the Medical-Industrial Complex by dissecting how we buy & pay for healthcare - the other half of the dialectic that is reflected in the question of how we provide & administer healthcare (which is coming up in session #3). ‘buckle the fuck up’ folks, because this session is a deep dive on the history and birth of health insurance in the United States. other show highlights include Bae Guevara divulging his ‘dirty bulking’ technique (double fisting different-flavored Whataburger milkshakes) and Sigmund Fraud signaling support for alternative medical therapies (revitalizing the Laudanum movement). part 2 coming soon.


@12:32 - maple leaf rag by scott joplin

@22:17 - take five by dave brubeck

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