M&M - Marx & Medicine
M&M - Marx & Medicine
Episode 3.5 - Private Equity Pt. 2

Episode 3.5 - Private Equity Pt. 2

in part 2, the gang wraps up their presentation on private equity - an entity that is eternally in dialectical relation to seemingly unrelated things: upcoding, out-of-network providers, political economy, and - most importantly - helicopter insurance.

we relate the importance of understanding the horrors and contradictions of late Modernity as

  • -a systemic, structural issue (the capitalist mode of production, whose phenotype manifests in America as bourgeois white cisheteropatriarchy)

  • -that necessitates a systemic, structural solution (new social relations, arriving through the vehicle of multiracial, queer, feminist, proletarian struggle)

  • -which therefore cannot be resolved through individual action alone (the primary logic of neoliberalism, which systemically reveals itself as the 3-headed-hydra of privatization, deregulation, & austerity).

incorporating simultaneous perspectives, rather than incorrectly choosing between identity politics (a social analysis) and class politics (an economic analysis), is ‘the move’ that takes us one step closer to our collective liberation.

correction: at 40:26 - medical debt is the #1 cause of *BANKRUPTCY* in the US.


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M&M - Marx & Medicine
M&M - Marx & Medicine
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