Feb 12 • 1HR 57M

Episode 17 - M.A.I.D. in 'Merica: Dying for a Postmodern Age feat. Kristel Jax

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we welcome esteemed friend of the pod and M&M’s official Canadian Correspondent Kristel Jax to the show to discuss - in broad terms - concepts, movements, and nascent legal structures encompassing the ‘right to die,’ Medical Assistance In Dying, and (Physician) Assisted Suicide in Canada and the United States. how are today’s moral values embedded in the ways in which we talk (or don’t) about death, let alone the idea of death itself? how do cultural production and the ‘Spectacle-ization’ of medicine shape modern mythologies about end-of-life care? how might economic coercion alter our potentials in life in the most general sense possible? well, it may result in Capital’s most monstrous decoding yet: the commoditization of death.

legislation is on the table for millions upon millions of people in North America in the coming years, and we are still very early into the existing legal frameworks. it’s something we all might have an interest in paying more attention to in the future. special bonus on this episode: intermittent pug noises (if that’s your thing)

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**correction: the Terri Schiavo case was about whether or not to discontinue tube feeding, not mechanical ventilation.

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